$49M Bonds sold for Jack Harwell Jail without objection by Kelly Snell even after taxpayers had expressed concerns about the boondoggle. The item was even on the agenda 1-6-2009 and Snell said nothing. ( (Video)
Voted in favor of $1.4M NO-BID contract for video visitation.
Voted to fund electronic monitoring (taxpayers got the bill) but it was never implimented. Fiscal Year '09-'10 and '10-'11
Made a motion to hold a meeting that was later determined to be illegal. 
Voted in favor of plundering the indigent defense fund to buy the County Judge a new desk and voted the same day to raid the rainy day fund to transfer funds to another department for indigent defense.   (Video)
Voted for several salary increases of $5,000 a year. 
Personally responsible for the Scofflaw program that has been a catastrophic failure.
Gave his own constituents the finger by voting to appoint a magistrate over the person elected by his own constituents. See pages 1 and 127 (video)
Received campaign contributions from affiliates of a contractor who benefitted from a million dollar county contract.
Committed Official Misconduct by violating the Texas Public Information Act. (Video)
Voted to reduce the responsibilities of the County Judge by 30% but voted to increase his budget by 10%. (video)
When the office manager for the county Judge violated the Texas Public Information Act by intentionally withholding information, Kelly Snell voted to giver her a raise. (video) 
Voted on 2012 budget in violation of Texas Constitution. (Video)
After District Attorneys' Office wrote a letter saying the employment of the jail magistrate was in violation of the constitution, Snell did nothing and voted to retain the services. 
Waco Trib - Thursday, March 06, 2008     “We didn’t do negative campaigning,” Snell said. “If the truth is not what they want to hear, they think that it is negative.”